Green Monster Chicken

Green Monster Chicken
it’s day five of chicken recipes in the kitchen. and day two of stacey springer. back hear in our kitchen. making something deliciousment she put me in a kid’s apron but other than that i’m thrilled to have you here. >> we’re being kids because it is comic-con. >> you look amazing. >> covering all the right things. >> you have clothes under it if we have shall– anyway. >> so sonia, she loves to cook in her kitchen, you are in good company. >> what is cool is we are doing chimi churi chicken which is an argentina pesto. >> yes. >> and guess where she is from. >> argentinament it worked out perfectly. >> i did not know that, it was meant to be. >> so she’s got this, she will totally make this. >> oh, sure. >> how do we start. we have chicken that we just cubed because if you make things smaller they cook faster. i will have you salt and pepper that, put some oil in there, we’re just going



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