Green Gazpacho With Basil Pistou

Recipe from: The Traveling Vegan Chef
>> o ur n ext guest is a personal chef who believes vegan cuisine is the the best way to eat. chef mary lawrence uceses local, organic foodga when this season. welcome to the show. >> thank you, good to be here. >> i have friends that talk about being vegan and others say i’m a vegetarian. what is the difference? >> a vegan is all plant 46 -based foods so anything that is grown as a plant can be eaten. whereas vegetarian includeses cheese a egs,se any dairy products and eggs. so it is somewhat stricter butu at the same t ime e it is flavorrable, you get a variety with plant -based foods. >> what happened in your will have where you said i realyel need to become a vegan, what wa ss it, what turned your life around? >> it was about 14 years ago, i had some health issues, allergies, ass,thma, getting colds all the time in energ y.r i really felt terrible. i went to a a natural pathict docto



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