Green Bean And Corn Casserole Recipes

From the Phillips family
>> welcome back to our annual holiday recipe show, we are in the kitchen with our floor director irene philips. yay! this is the gal that keeps us in line during the “san antonio living” show, and you are the only one that laughs at my jokes. >> really? >> yeah, but i love you for that. who did you bring with you today? >> this is my nephew brian. >> this way. >> and this is my great nephew. say hello, hello! >> they are going to help us out? >> they are going to help us out, they are choppers. >> and what are you making, two casseroles? >> wl, one is already made and this is the traditional green bean casserole. >> i love me some green bean casserole. you can’ holiday without this. and we have the recipe on our website, www.saliving.com and this i’m excited about. >> this is a creamed corn, green chili cheddar casserole, and i know we are suppose to bring family recipes and this actuall



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