Greek Stuffed Peppers

We’re cooking Greek Stuffed Peppers in the kitchen with Chef Christine Kitsilis from Angelo‚Äôs Pizza of Cumberland.
ew hours to kill. i have been on a good run of movies ,mo so i don’t want to wajinx it. patrick is in the kitchen. what’s going on. >> angelo’s of cumberland are here. last time you were here, you madema baklava, andak, you brought so in because you know how crazy i went last time it was so good. go stuffed peppers this morning. >> we have greek stuffed re peppers. >> what makes a greek stuffed g pepper different. >> thehe dill, scallions. >> and a greek is making it. >> what do we have over here?e? >> we have feta,, parsley, dim, scallions, white onions, garlic, tomato sauce, feta, cheddar and garlic sauce.ce >> everything is better with feta. we like to call this a comfort food. >> it is a very popular one. people love it. and you can stuff also other vegetables that i have right over here. it doe sn’t have to be b peppers. you can stuff basicallfy anything. an >> so healt shy and thed



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