Greek Salad Pizza

We’re cooking Greek Salad Pizza in the kitchen with Roger Dwyer.
you’re in the kitchen it making pizza, i’m so jealous. ou>> hey, iey am making pizza in “the rhode show” kitchen rightki now. i am with roger dwyer, and are you fromm johnson & wales? >> i am a professor p at johnson & wales unjoiversin ty, yes. ty >> now you’ve got yo gur pizza zz crust here, this looksreisks prepackaged, somethingac that youetyo invented that you’re selling. >> i’m not single handedly an involved in it,lv but i’m proud to be an owner.er it’s rhode island’s own, it’s called top this pizza crust. we started out in the back of an easy greenwichh restaurant and we have grown to the point nowpo n where we’re in ae lot of the retail stores in and around rhode island. i today what we’re going to be be doing is making youma a nice pizza on top of this pizza crust and it’s going to t be a greek saladekla pizza. zzand a lot of people like to put a fresh salad right on to



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