Greek Lemon Chicken

Greek Lemon Chicken
>> of all the chicken dishes that we made so far in the kitchen this week, this is one is my most favorite. here we’re here with laura, how did you know, this is my total favorite thing ever? >> it was like. >> i just knew. >> i’m in the chicken zone. >> you felt it. anything with greek in the name i’m sold. so this. >> it is an inspiration, my sister maria, this is pretty much her dish. >> but you have done your own flair and i love that you say everything you are using are fresh, natural ingredients. >> i try to keep it fresh, if i can. and so you will see how simple this is. the prep time about ten minutes. >> let’s jump in. >> we will start with our marinade first. and so what i did here, this is the lemon juice. >> that say cool little tool. >> i love it. >> oh my gosh, stick it in there. >> the speeds don’t go in. >> they don’t go in. >> where do you get that little guy. >> i have



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