Greek Chicken Sovlaki

We’re cooking Greek Chicken Sovlaki over rice pilaf with a side of Tzatziki-Cucumber Dipping Sauce with Angelo’s Pizza Palace.
head to ourad kitchen, which is not hell’s kitchen to see w shat’s cooking today. >> we have our friends from en angelo’s here and weer have several thingsgs on the menu here t and idt all lookts a delicious. ou >> tha nk you.>> >> allison>> and christine are a here from angelo’s this morning and i’m looking dngown, because i don’t know what we’re making. we are making chickenck sovlaki, right? t?i said it righi t, i got it right. tell m e some of the ingredients. >> the ingredients, igr alrnteady have it marinaded. lemon juice, oregano, a little bit of olive oil and i put some nice f resh thyme in there. n >> and we have a mix of olives. >> the mix of olives is just for you to see howee beautiful they are. we putwe them on our greek salad.. >> and they are beautiful. >> and then we have some green peppers,. >> put it all together, and then we grill it, you grill it on the grill and then



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