Greek Chic

Great taste and health, and it’s so easy!
>> we have stephanie persalius from “greek chic” and stephanie it is almost italian, right? you’ve got the cheese and olives. a little bit different. tell us about the cookbook that you’ve got. >> the cookbook is rooted in awe thennic flavor and the recipes are passed down from my family. i love cooking greek and the moder version greek chiced it up. so i made recipes that my family has carried on for years and years and kind of gave it a contemporary twist. >> how old were you when you started cooking? did you cook as a kid? >> yes i think that everybody gets the greek by baptism so grew up cooking in the kitchen. >> this is one heck of a spread. you look at this and say perfect for hosting. is that what friends and family can get in that presentation? >> yeah. i like the wow effect and friends and family we’re always entertaining so it is easy. so to bring the recipes to life in a cook



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