Stephanie talks about her new cook book, “Greek Chic,” for healthy Greek style food. She also talks about her new, yummy ice cream.
รบรบรทรท >>> there’s somewhat of a myth that quick and tasty greek dishes tough to make and you have to slave away in the kitchen. >> right. three products can go a long way. >> it is called greek chic. >> meet the woman behind the book. stephanie patsalis. >> welcome. you have a big spread and we will dive into this. you can’t come in here without me tasting it. >> oh, it smells so yummy in here. >> what’s up with this cook book? what’s going to with that. >> the cook book is doing realy well and i blog about things and i want to get people cooking more. it is a beautiful book with pictures and sits on my coffee table. i want them to get active and see how easy and healthy greek food can be. >> part of it was greek chic kit 101 where you break it down and take the thought out of it. tell us about it. >> exactly. >> greek chic 101 is for people who i want to make thatth and i only want t



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