Gravy 101

Gravy 101 for Thanksgiving
deb is giving me that look. i know. moving on to one last recipe for you. actually, it’s gravy 101. i think a lot of people struggle with the gravy. it is hard. here are my secrets. headed back to my house and i’m going to show you how i make my gravy on thanksgiving. >> when it comes to making lump free gravy, a couple of tips. i love this extra smooth quick mixing flour, if you don’t that, regular flour will do. this is guaranteed no lumps. this happens to be regular flour, which most people will use today. i have ice cold water. i’m going to mix the 2 together. the water and flour. and them i’m going to whisk that right there, cold water. we’re making what they call — the chef’s call a slurry now, at this point, i can go ahead and heat up the drippings from my gravy. from my turkey, i should say. if you want to — notice, you don’t have a lot of drippings or you’ve got a bunch of peo



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