Grape Street Cafe

Since 1997, Grape Street Cafe Wine Bar & Cellar has satisfied customers with their delicious entrees and of course wine! Join us as we get a sneak peek into some of their delicious dishes, upcoming specials and more yummy deals!
morning, including preventing bullying in schools. >> first we start in the kitchen. grapefruit cafe is known for fabulous food and wine and live jazz. they are also celebrating a major milestone. >> here to tell us about it and GIVE US A TASTE IS JOHN McKIBEN, the chef and owner, and dao just sa — and dan just said, the wine director. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what is happening november 23rd. >> it’s our 14-year anniversary. we have been open and we’re excited. we have events coming up. the mayor is coming in, we’re doing sit-down — >> event. story. >> a soiree. >> yes. >> it’s a huge milestone for you guys? >> yes. >> we can’t wait to do it. >> being a restaurant is not easy. 14 years is — >> de >> definitely not easy. we got in at the right time, 14 years ago. earrwe’re the original wine bar that opened up in vegas. our consistency is just there with the food quality. th



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