Gran Tamalada

Free event to learn the art of making tamales
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” whatever your holiday tradition is you will want to add this holiday tradition or perhaps just learn to make tamales, and thank you so much for coming today. >> thank you. >> you wrote a book on the importance of the tamalada, did i say that right? >> that is correct. >> and they wrote it and i helped. >> and you helped. what goes into the book? >> i’ve been making tamales for over 40 years and it’s an over 9,000-year-old tradition and we are using old techniques and old pots and it’s an old tradition. >> and there is a big event called the grand tamalada. and usually we can’t get the ladies here before the class booked up but people can come and learn about traditional tamale making, and so let’s have a quick lesson. >> first you need all of the different kinds of chilis and you need garlic, and an molcajete which is a lava rock and this starts o



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