Gourmet Meals On Fast Food Prices!

G&G Mobile Bistro
all right. something else that is another hidden gem is called g and g bistro. they are serving up gourmet meals and it’ their fried egg sandwich that absolutely had me. this is gus, one of the g’s of g & g bistro. >> who is the other g? >> gabe garmon my business partner, and we are out here having fun. >> i love the idea behind this and i’m hearing from a lot of different food truck owners will how they got into this business. how did you get started. >> i worked my way through restaurants, and i just figured it was time for me to get my own place, me and by business partner looked at a stand-alone brick and mortar restaurant and it was just say too expensive and so we looked into this and it seems to be an option that was very accessible to us. >> what is the concept with your food because everything looks absolutely delicious and very fresh. >> the concept is we buy the food in t



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