Gourmet Foods & Specialty Gifts

If you’re looking for a great holiday dinner idea or some festive gifts, visit Wisconsinmade.com. They offer a wide variety of specialty food items, such as cheese, bratwurst, and cranberries. They also offer gift baskets with jewelry, pottery, and glass, Badger and Green Bay Packer apparel, books, music, and much more. Today Wisconsinmade.com will be showcasing some of these items including their delicious Cranberry Chutney, Fireworks Popcorn 11-inch Bowl Gift Set, a Cheese and Sausage Select Gift Box, and other great holiday gifts. nnClick here to find more holiday dinner ideas.
>> welcome back. when you think of made in wisconsin food,t co what comes to find first? >> cheese, of course. >> bratwurst probably too and cranberries for sure, but theurme truth is, there are hundreds of gourmet food products all madedair right here in america’s dairyland. >> own yes. and they’re great for your own dinner table or giving as gifts for people who want a little taste of home as a gift. so joining us now is linda, president of wisconsinmade.com. well hoe, >> hello. how are you? >> wisconsin made is great, because what you do is really showcase award-winning wisconsin made award winning foods, the gifts and a whole lot more and this is a beautiful display of it. welcome back. >> thank you for. >> the theme this week is holiday dinners. and so we thought we’d bring some things to showcase for holiday dinners, as well as hostess gifts, because if you are invited for somebody



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