Gourmet Chocolate Apple

We’re cooking Gourmet Chocolate Apples in the kitchen with Chef Kerri Fusco from Sweet Indulgence.
rhode show.” and don’t forget to laugh it up with fox providence every tuesday night. let’s head to the kitchen wherehe patrick ispa making chocolate apples. >> i’m falling in i love with kerri and her chocolatela apples. i want it all. can i have iti all? i >> everything. >> what are you dog, the apples with the chocolate.. >> coming into fall, we takee our big gorgeous apples. a >> look how massive those things are. >> henrietta. what do we doo next? just core it i — cover it in chocolate and eat it? >> that would be easy,ea but we have veto taketo our stick, dip it in caramel and ar chocolate, any ny assorted topping you lik te. this is a nice fall — >> wnuts. >> walnuts and cranberries. >> and thehe chocolate. the heat h bar is a good one for fall. milk chocolate, youat houave white chocolate, dar k chokcolate,co basically your prebaference. >> i’ll take all three. >> or you could



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