Got Milk? Mustache Mobile Visits Rhode Show

The Got Milk? Mustache mobile visited The Rhode Show, and Got Milk? spokesperson Sarah Lang showed Shawn how to get a milk mustache.
how to fillet it. >> we are outside here in the weather yard. we have a massive — well, we’re here in the reweather yard this morning, the milk mustache mobile is here.mo >> you got milk? >> i’ve got milk. >> sarah ling is here, she’s the spokesperson for you’ve got mill jock. >> we’re going to be at the zoo touting milk’s benefits t has such an array of benefits, we’re excited to be here part of “living tjwell.”dn we >> that is thehe largest milk mustache i think i’ve ever seen if my life.e. are we able to have our own milk mustache? >> come on out to our events, e we’ll be here in providence throughout the weekend. we’ll have milk mustaches on site, all of our event components are free.tjfó take your own milk must tap, print it on site, we have registered dieticians thereth with health care equipment, i’m doing blood pressure testing and bmi so you can see where you stand in your fit



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