Goodbye – 8/22/17

Goodbye – 8/22/17
[?] >> kelly: mmm, that is good pie! >> jeremy: if you missed the last segment, you’re missing out. let me say this, here at “ozarks live!” we keep it real. and what we just did is real, and that is something you have to appreciate. it’s really good. >> kelly: it’s really pretty. the crust wasn’t holding down. but i think it needs to be refrigerated. honestly, is it delicious or not? >> jeremy: it’s delicious. i think we call this one a dump cake t all goes to the same place. >> kelly: it’s not quite as pretty. >> jeremy: but man, it’s so good! >> kelly: where is bruce porter? i promised him some of this? >> jeremy: i want to thank our guests, 1 million cups, anita, who i loved. >> kelly: she was sweet. >> jeremy: from bring it home physical therapy. wireless trendz, will worsham, bruce porter, and kelly’s successful pin of the week. >> kelly: dump cake. [laughter] absolutely. really, i’



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