Good Mood Foods

Sometimes eating right can seem overwhelming, especially in times of high stress.
on 92 pro-fm. >> sometimes eating right can seem a little overwhelming. trust me, i know, but today here to help us figure it all out is nutritionist meghann rork. so there are some foods that can actually affect hour mood. now, i’m a genuinely happy person, but you’re telling me there’s some foods that can actually make me crabby? >> actually, there are certain foods, if you not have them in your diet, they will make your blood sure ars go up — sugars go up, so if you’re eating white bread, coca-cola, candy bars, you want a snack because you’re starting to feel hungry, it’s around noon and say i’m not going to be able to eat until 1:00 p.m., you have something like this, your blood sugars will go high and fall p the big word for that is hypoglycemia and when you have that, your blood sugars are what they call low and you may feel shaky, you may feel tired, you may feel irritable, your



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