Good Luck Meal For New Years

Chef Bryan Voltaggio shows off a great meal using pork belly and lentils, both items considered good luck for the New Year.
>>> it is always a treat when brian comes in to our studio. time a dine this morning. owner of volt on top chef you are fancy. >> yes thank you. >> people are excited when you come in. you have the nice pots and pans. and what are you making? >> we are doing braised pork belly served with lentils that are supposed to bring good fortune because they look like coins. >> let’s take a look. >> old italian myth. these are resemble blue caviar. >> they are small. >> we are going fancy. we are thinking money. >> a new year. and there’s the giant mega millions jack po. this is everything you need to make and this is the pork belly. >> it is. >> okay. >> and so, we will take this over here. >> okay. >> and i have a pan that we will start and heat up. but first, we want to make sure we trim the rk belly. >> all right. walk me through that. how important is that? >> depends on how much fat you want



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