Good Day Cafe- Sweet And Savory Scones

Mary Rapoport with the Virginia Egg Council shows us how to make sweet and savory scones.
>> and now wfxr news good day cafe sponsored by southern flavoring. >> all right. we’re in the good day cafe now and — what do i smell here? >> can you smell it? >> how are you? happy st. patrick’s day. >> happy st. patrick’s day. you didn’t wear your green. oh, my gosh. >> first time i saw mary this morning, she goes, hey,ararar — >> we’re having scones. you can tell it all over the station. right here on your set. this gorgeous set. i don’t know if you realize thi, you haven’t been in southern virginia that long. >> yeah. >> but we love biscuits. >> oh, yeah. >> we have biscuits for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but if you lived in ireland or england, instead of having coffe and biscuits you would have tea and scones. so we have a selection of scones here today. unfortunately our idea of scones are going to the fancy coffee shop and they look so great and you order them and then you b



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