Good Day Cafe- Sheet Pan Chili Lime Shrimp Fajitas

Chef Tom with Kroger shows us how to make sheet pan chili lime shrimp fajitas.
>> chef tom getting all professional and making jobsing. we’re making, what, skhifm fajitas this morning? >> it’s a one dish that’s really a clean up and to start out we have 3 different red peppers or green and orange. >> that means it’s healthy! >> yeah! >> anchor: all the colors means healthy! >> if you don’t want to go for all the different colors, you can use one single variety of bell pepper. >> i guess that’s works, too. >> and have red innions in there. >> you got me. it is about a pound of shrimp with the 30 count and these are the mediams. those are available in your seafood department. fresh or frozen. going to get about a quarter cup of olive oil. and some minced garlic. >> so you can buy minced garlic? been cooking a little more recently and had the hardest time mincing. it is pathetic. it is the saddest thing. >> and to see how hot you would like it. >> squeeze the whole li



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