Good Day Cafe-Seared Pork Chops

Susan Gauldin with the Daily Grind shows us how to make seared pork chops.
>> susan golden with us this morning in the good day cafe. always good to see you! and let’s talk about this cut up with the meat! >> they’re beautiful! what we’re doing today is sponsoring robin ridge farms and it is a local, family owned?farmin henry, virginia. and since we were in henry virginia i decided to run by the best orchard there is in our area and that is charlie’s orchard. >> anchor: what did you pick up from charlie’s orchard? >> they grow the best peaches, nectarines, white peaches ever. >> and got the take? somebodisinger they cannot and very particular withhis peaches. >> and why they’re so good. >> but cancel out and buy them from him and shirley and vernon with the extended adopted and when i moved up here to henry. very sweet people. so are the people from robbin ridge farm also. >> what are we putting together here this morning? >> the saute seared pork chop with wit



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