Good Day Cafe- Pesto Caprese Chicken

Chef Tom with Kroger shows us how to make pesto caprese chicken.
>> anchor: things heating up in the good day cafe with chef tom! getting steamed up. >> and throwing the teases at me i wasn’t ready for. >> you’re welcome. >> we’re making a fantastic dish. tell us about it. >> chicken capri day. you can do it with veal or pork. really thin chicken cutlets. >> anchor: is it important to have this for them? >> no. you can taste and turn it down. i was kidding about the steam. and i’m using the traditional 3 set process and i bought some seasoned flour and it is with the egg wash and the pint of milk i whipped up and seasoned italian bread crumbs which you can buy in the kroger store and i dipped them into the hot skillet they go. >> anchor: what do you have on the pan? >> that’s alive oil and butter and they’ll brown for 2?3 minutes per side until the chicken is cooked through. >> anchor: okay. and cooking up extra for the crew. >> because we always devo



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