Good Day Cafe-NY Strip Steak And A Grilled Cuban Pork Sub

Chef Clay Williams with Hunting Hills Country Club shows us how to make a NY strip steak and a grilled Cuban pork sub.
>> anchor: the chef clay williams from hunting hills and good to see you and that is not looking like what i buy at the grocery store! >> this is handcut and handcut it myself before i left work and it’s 20 ounces. >> and it’s beautiful! >> oh, yeah. >> now cooking with that fat on it, but that gives it flavor, right? >> it is basically the butter of the steak. i don’t cut it off. i let it soak in. >> it is everything. >> and these are cuban pork and i tell you, it’s football season right around the corner. i do these and i go to a lot of the virginia tech home games and then they got and it has thousand island, thinly sliced and have red almonds with cheese and throw these on the grill and it is about 4 slices and great for catering or anything. >> is that easy to make or difficult? >> it is easy to make. the pork might take a few hours. >> but you say the steak will take 20 minutes? lo



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