Good Day Cafe- Garden Veggie Chili

Barbara Watson with Go Healthy West Piedmont shows us how to make garden veggie chili
>> anchor: welcome back to the go day cafe. barbara watson with go healthy west piedmont and obviously this is very fresh. and let me tell you folks at home, barbara is so prepared, she brings her own pots and pans! she doesn’t want to use our pots and pans. tell us what you have cooking here. >> we have a garden fresh chili and we’ll talk about gardens because it’s july! if had some zucchini it is everywhere. >> cucumbers and corn and all that good stuff. and it is coming in from the giving gardens and that i everdonating fresh produce to the pantly and soup kitchen. >> we’re doing veggie chilly, right? >> i love about this recipe it’s perfect for when they come in from the garden. however you can make this recipe any time of year because you can use fresh, froeeden, garden fresh and we all need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. >> is that a hint i need to eat more healthy? >> it



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