Good Day Cafe-Feta And Herb Crusted Salmon

Chef Tom with Kroger shows us how to make feta and herb crusted salmon.
>>> now wfxr good news cafe sponsored by kroger. >> it is already causing trouble in the business. >> i haven’t seen you in a while. >> i never thought i wou mention you when you were gone but you returned with a fantastic approved meal. >> yes, you will enjoy this. we’ll do a little of feta and herb crusted salmon that we combined, herb, feta cheese and pepper on a nice piece of salmon that i got from our fish monger. >> fish monger? >> yes, fish monger. so i’ve got crumbled feta cheese, fresh chives that i’ve chopped up a bit. then fresh parsley right there. and going to take that and take a knife, i’m using a curve blade knife, a little rocker — >> that’s why your knife looks a lot better than mine. >> a little choice you pick up in the food, people give you all gadgety things like this. so to combine all of these together. i did some earlier. and i’m going to put it all together and



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