Good Day Cafe-Fast Chili Cheeseburger

JD Sutphin cooks up a rocking Fast Chili Cheeseburger in the Good Day Cafe.
>> anchor: and in the “good day, virginia”. >> it doesn’t look so bad! >> anchor: we’re making chili cheese hamburgers. that’s right? >> yes, ma’am! >> what are using to make these fantastic smelling burgers? >> we have something and then it is there. >> and it’s a couple of things that i like. the chili is a little bit of tavernish, but with no beans. and get a taste of that with that going on there and has some all spice and cinnamon, but a whole bunch of siracha, cause i love siracha. and then petro. you know what that is? >> anchor: no! >> in buckhannon there is a thing where you take a bag of fritos chips, pour chili in and and sour cream and eat it out of the bag. decadent. >> we used to do tacos like that. same thing? >> same thing. and so it’s going to have those on it and it is also with bread and butter pickles. and the onion and it is the fun thing about when gan woo make our



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