Good Day Cafe-Don’t Miss These Rocking Wings At Wing Fest

Randall Spencer with Creole That cooks up some Dr. Pepper BBQ wings and Jamaican Jerk wings.
now, w-f-x-r news good day cafi. >>> randall spencer joining us. you don’t typically make willings. >> guest: normally cajun food is what we do. we thought we would do something special for this particular event. >> host: raymond, you’re making dr pepper wings? >> guest: dr pepper barbecue wings. >> host: what are the vendors looking like, which is by the way two saturdays from now? >> guest: next saturday the 26th. i think we are up to 13 food vendors and i believe nine of those are going to be selling wings. if you’re not there for wings, we have something for everybody. >> host: how are you feeling? >> guest: feeling good. >> host: tell us how you come up with these dr pepper wings. >> guest: out a little bit of baking powder. a little bit of smoke see salt. you want to coach those real good. >> host: i like the way you think, randall. >> guest: we are going to put them on a baking sh



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