Good Day Cafe- Country Boy Fast Burger

JD Sutphin puts together a delicious southern burger known as the Country Boy Fast Burger.
>> wow! >> and we have some red onion in there and just cooking down and a little bit of balsamic vinegar and frying itself up. and we add the coca?cola and add this and the kicker is we’re dusting it because i love like fried okra. it is really nice and chris pee. but i want to be able to have that fried 5 but still the marmalade hash kind of thing. and then that crunch. >> have a little crunch on the burger. and staring down the brisket, that is what i’m doing. >> and that is with the beef brisket. >> it’s calling my name. >> and that’s right now. >> and then of course gointo fry these up and we grill them and it’s a smoky pan. >> have to smoke it. >> and there you go. we don’t call the fire department this early in the morning. >> thatis something you do want and as you’re frying them of course in the house, make sure that pan is super, super hot. you can get that and the nice sear. o



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