Good Day Cafe- Catherine’s Egg Biscuits

Mary Rapoport with the Virginia Egg Council shows us how to make egg biscuits.
>> anchor: welcome into the good day cafe. mary rappaport from the virginia council is with us. did you look at her apron? the white house egg roll! how was it? >> it was fabulous. just fabulous. really lots of fun. >> but didn’t get to throw an egg at the president, no? >> no! it was lovely. you get tickets by going online and it is a lottery system so anyone that goes to washington can get tickets and go next year! >> one of the 150,000 there but we have a special breakfast this morning? >> this is more like with a cup of coffee and tea and have egg biscuits. >> we have plenty of coffee! >> and this is like a sweet. instead of having a cookie or something like that and they’re really not very sweet. very flavorful and looking at a bunch of different southern flavors extracts and fruit juices if you want and anything you put in here makes it your own. >> this is your mom’s recipe? >> th



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