Good Day Cafe- Caribbean Jerk And Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Leonard Murray with Master Sergeants BBQ cooks up some flavorful wings.
>> anchor: the master sergeant barbecue. thanks for coming in this morning. and great to see you again at dr pepper park and we’re getting pumped up for wing fest this saturday. now some you’ve won prizes in a number of competitions, how are you feeling about is the? >> pretty stoked. i season this with salt and pepper and olive oil to speak to it with that salt and pepper and with that flavor being in the meat. >> and then soaks it in and it is simpler the better, am i wrong? >> and to bring out the natural flavor works for me. >> you have your own food truck? talk to us about tha. >> i have an enclose thed trailer where we have the chicken friar on the back and it is inside and all things with commercial refrigerators inside and really got started while i was in the military. me and my buddies like to have a good time and you learn to take care of each other. >> what do you put them on



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