Good Day Cafe- Asian Style Pork Sliders With An Asian Slaw

Chef Tom with Kroger shows us how to make Asian style pork sliders with an Asian slaw.
chef tom is st >> anchor: things are heating up in the good day cafe. >> doing some grilling. and something like that you there. >> and erica, our friend and have some more and she said i want to put a fork in it. okay! >> anchor: we like to eat on “good day, virginia”. >> we have a little ground pork you can get at kroger. >> reporter: tell us about this. >> we were supposed to do this outside but there were technical difficulties involving the location of the grill. we’ll leave it at that. this is a grill pan that stands over both burners. i’ve used it a couple of times but thankfully we have a fan right there and folks can’t see it right now and then green onions right here so i have salt and pepper and ground pork and a little bit of season all and we’ll mix this all together and form in a little slider patties. >> and any type of a patty is not finished without an onion out there. >



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