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Good Day Cafe
in today’s good day cafe, the turkey may be the start of the thanksgiving meal, but it is the side dishes that can be favorites. the hands down favorite is of course, stuffing. >> we have the honor and shove from a restaurant in new jersey. pasione. it is french. > good morning. how’re you doing? happy thanksgiving. >> you’re delivering 300 turkeys to the salvation army. >> yes, 300 meals. >> good for you. >> i am excited about that. >> tell us about this. > what do you do? >> i do everything. we’re going to make an oyster and sausage stuffing. i have a little spicy sausage in some chopped up oysters. we will season those up with some salt and black pepper. these are fresh oysters. i actually shucked them this morning. >> , they do use? >> this is probably about 12 oysters. > what else is in there? > just the sausage. chalk up small. and we add a little bit of chopped carrots. >> speakin



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