Going Vegan For The Holidays

Mary Lawrence, local vegan chef and founder of “Well on Wheels,” joined Good Morning Connecticut this morning with some delicious and easy-to-make vegan appetizers for the holidays.
becoming more g and more popular… but let’s face it, it can be tough to cook vegan if you don’t know how. whether you yourself are vegan… o r you’re r re wondering what to cook for the f vegan you just want to make something delicious for christmas… take notes. s. joing us this morning with some great appetizer ideas… local vegan chef and founder of “well on wheels”… mary lawrence. mary, welcome to thare show… first off, tell us what veganism is… and is people become vegan opfor many different reasons, right? what are the health benefits to becoming vegan? what foods at are off-limits for vegans? it seems like that takes away all the “good” stuff! doesn’t that really limit their options? show us what you’ve brought with you… tell us what “well on wheels” is… check out the recipes and more information online… at



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