Going Places: The Big E Festival

The Big E is the largest fair on the East Coast, and it’s coming to Western Mass September 18th for 17 days.
thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> i will admit, i’mt, guilty of never having been neto the big e before. >> that’s a shame. >> i know it’s a shame. you were telling me. ng tell me about theab big e for those of you who haven’t been. >> well, we are the largest fairar on theast coast, we run for 17 days, openingsep september 18th through th october 4th. beautiful time to come toome western mass, thee foliage is out, and we’re a quick drive from here. it’s only 80 miles take 146 to the mass turnpike an yoe u’re there. it’s an easy time to come up. >> do you guys have shows h for visitors. >> we w do. we have several free showsee throughout the day, every day of the fai this year, we have sea lion splash which is an interactive and comical show, starring sea lions, which are really just big clowns, so we’re looking forward to that. we also have free shows on our stage, ther



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