Going Green In What You Eat

Worldwatch says Singaporeans and Americans double World Average Meat Consumption in 2007. (Asia Confidential)
big believer that one should become a vegetarian for the good of the environment. he is the vice president of the vegetarian society of singapore and has been a vegetarian for about two decades. just to set the record straight, what does vegetarian really mean? there are different kinds, correct? >> yes, there are. i am to begin, so i do not eat any animal-based foods at all. there is a term called flexatarian. sometimes they eat meat. there are different types of vegetarians. >> just to play the devil’s advocate, doesn’t it depend on what you eat whether you are at a meat eater or a vegetarian? >> think about it. we are what we eat. people do not realize how literal it is. many years ago, i went to a talk and the speaker made an interesting point. he asked the audience if you would put kerosene in your car. no one in his right mind would do that because the car is never meant to run wit



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