Going Green

Menan Restaurant trys to be as green as possible.
menan isn’t really known for its variety of restaurants… but one family in town thinks their food will be a real hit with the community. local news 8’s brett crandall visited watson’s sandwich shop to see why people are recommending you eat there. brett… what makes the food so unique? many of us are used to the processed food we eat from the drive through but the watson family has a business plan centering on not just better quality food… but healthier and more green. to save the watson’s bar in menan… jim and janice voyles decided to open up watson’s sandwich shop next door… but they wanted to do something a little different by going green. “if we can do a little bit and everyone else does a little bit we can all help out.” watson’s buys its produce and meat as local as possible… its elk comes just from the other side of the butte. “were really pioneering an aspect that neve



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