Go Red For Women

Chef Tina Martini is in the house! From delicious dessert recipes to heart-healthy holiday eating tips, see how to Go Red for Women with the American Heart Association.
this weekend but first the holidays bring family and friends together with grand celebrations. that includes a lot of eating. if you are looking for what to indulge in our next guest can fill you in with a go red for women cookbook. >> thank you, sean. kaitlan go red for women coordinator of the american heart association and chef tina of martini time are with us, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> welcome back. >> we know the holidays are right around the corner. you say you can be healthy and eat delicious food as well. >> absolutely. >> i think so. yes. >> i think that is quite possible. >> you do that because you got to think about what you are cooking. >> this is a good idea. dao, yes, we want to tnk about the menu and that willive go us time to prepare and not be so exhausted as well. >> exactly. okay. you brought some fabulous fishes here. but before we talk — let’s



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