Gnocchi Di Ricotta

We’re cooking Gnocchi di Ricotta with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
foxprovidence.com. >> let’s head over tod thehe kitchen, vince? >> technology is gate but so is old world cooking, with me now jeff granata and tv maitre d’ joe zito, who isjo trianglingo the wine. we are making gnocchi.no. >> we’re making gnocchi, we have a cup of flour, we haveou a pound po of ricotta, all right. . now you could strain the ricotta overnight and if you did,ou you probably don’t needee as much flour in there. >> all right. >> speedy gonzalez.yon >> you have one egg in there, turn away a camera man. we use supreme ricotta, because it’s a great product and johnny’s wife works there and she’d kill uss if we didn’t things that. >> mr. skwrao: it’s a local product. >> what else are you putting in there? >> a teaspoon of olive oil. and you want to use your hands for this without the gloves, g because the thing is, you really got to get in there with this. >> you have to dig in



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