Gluten Free Everyday

Cooking gluten free with Chef Robert Landolphi without compromising taste.
great to have you. we will send it right to sonia in the kitchen. >> if you are one of the people with feliac disease, gluten free doesn’t have to be flavor free. we have this cookbook, gluten free everyday cookbook, and robert landolpho is here. thank you so much for being here. people are limit with the types of foods they can eat but say you don’t have to compromise flavor. >> when you’re diagnosed, you think i have to give up wheat, barley, rye, oats, it is in a lot of things. you have to think outside the box and think what can i substitute for some of those flours and the dish today is going to share that. >> what are we going to do today. >> a peach marmalade. >> you have a couple of thermometers, is that key here? >> 360-degrees is perfect temperature to fry. fry dadies work nice because they have the automatic thermostat. i may give you a job, i hope you don’t mind. >> put me to



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