Anessa Chumbley talks about cooking Gluten-Free plus eating healthy.
on — cram on that. we’re going to talk about gluten-free cooking. the doctor showing things, ready to eat things but for people who like to cook, a little bit more entree type, bigger meals or dishes into consideration. >> first of all we’re seeing gluten-free everywhere. i was at a party and there were gluten-free cupcakes. the guy in front of me said what is gluten and why isn’t it in this cupcake? he didn’t know what it is. >> just worried about the taste. >> like we said, it’s the protein in wheat and rye and barley. what it actually is if you picture yourself kneading dough it’s the rubber band strands. we get the word glue from gluten. it gives breads its chewiness. people that have ciliac’s disease, it’s be an autoimmune disease. when people take things in with gluten, the villi, they freak out, the — >> freak 0-? >> get inflamed. your body wouldn’t absorb nutrients. you’ll star



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