Glorified Cupcakes

Glorified Cupcakes was started by Pastor Pedro Gonzalez – also an experienced pastry chef with more than 25 years spent in various upscale hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.
>> welcome back to abc action news this morning. >>> yesterday we were sampling some of burns’ steakhouses holiday desserts. >> yes. today we will dive into cupcakes — a little more simple but equally delicious way to satisfy us all. >> pastor pedro gonzalez is here. these are the segments i don’t want to talk — i just want to eat. >> [ indistinct ] >> what came first — baking or the ministry? >> actually, baking came first. baking started when i was actually 11 years old. i did an apprenticeship at a local bakery and went to school to become a pastry chef. >> how did you come up with this idea? where did this come from? >> wow. actually, this came from a concept that i started at the church, saturday night cafe. we have service saturday night and get out of the dogmatic point of view — we put bles and chairs and serve coffee and pastries and believe it or not, it came from there. >>



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