Glazed Pork Belly & Beans

We’re cooking Glazed Berkshire pork belly, poached Simmons Farm
is there making pork bellies. >> we’re makreing a bunch of o things, we have pork belly, we have beans, we have eggs, we have jonathan cambra from the newport restaurant group. how are you m y friend? >> great to see you. >> som e people were p saying i don’t know if i’m going to eat beans in the morning, blah blah blah and i said it’s jonathan cambra, newport restaurantwpra group. what have you got. >> it’s on our full menu, it’s pork belly, which is going to be tqhi ak brace — braised b slowly, sit on top ofhidk molasses baked bean and finished it with a local poachedhe eggs. we have the freshwe belly, it’s youryo bacon, it’s just not j cured yet, so it’s very fresh, it will be seared, and s then we have he e beans, which we’ll be w cooking. we’re going togo season them up with a little bit of baileyys, a mixture of carrots, c onions and celery, and we’re going to’r finish with ani li



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