Girl Scout Cookies & Milk!

If you already love Girl Scout cookies, here is your chance to make them even better. Here with us this morning are the Girl Scouts of RI to provide a taste test of milk paired with a favorite cookie!
Egirl scout cookies, here’s your chance to make them better. Here with me this morning from the girl scouts of rhode island, are al exia and then we have jordan and a this is geneve. And they’re all from the bristol and warren troops and wathey’res th going to show usgo the best type of milk to pair with your favorite girl scout cookies. I’m putting my script down, because i want to indulge in this. Ok. So tell me about what’s the first one that we want to do?nnThanks a lot.nnThanks a lot.nnFor what? We’re not done.nnThanks ank lot, the t cookie.nnOh, the cookie, which one is that?nnThis one.nnAnd what’s the thanks a lot?nnWell, it’s called thanks ale lot, because it has thank you written.nnI love that.nnAnd what else does it say?nnI think chinese.nnOh, veryh, cool.nnSo.nnWhat do you w do — it’s a a regular kind of sugar cookie, but it’s gotbu chocolate at the c bottom. What do you thin



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