Girl Scout Cookie Time Is Here Again

Girl Scout cookie time has arrived.
morning. we have great tips on quitting smoking on our web o site at foxprovidence.com. vi >> it’s the most wonderful time the year and no it’s not christmas, it’sit girl scout cookie time and joining me this morning from troop 588 is diana and kevin green from rhody fresh milk. diana, we’re going to start with you. i love girl scout cookies and you guys just started selling them, is that correct? ha >> that’s correct. >> when are you selling them till? >> we are selling them through march an d they are $4 a box.x. >> great. you have a couple different flavors out here. can you name all eight flavors. >> yes i have,ha carmel delights, our neww shoutouts, the short breads, the lemonades, thin mints, peanut ut butter sandwiches and our peanut butter patties. >> you have a new cookie out. can you explain about that one? >> our new o cookie is the shoutout, it’s a simply sweet treat. >> nice



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