Ginger Snap Encrusted Lamb Chop

We’re cooking Ginger Snap encrusted Baby Lamb Chops with Sweet Potato and Churizo Hash with Chef Lawrence Brown of DeWolf Tavern.
making lamb chops. b are you playing along? >> i’m eating a ginger snap right now, which believe itie orit not is g oing to fast tore into all of — factor into all of this. right now i’m with the wolf tavern and the chef is lawrence brown. pleasu re to meetpl you, my friend. tell me what we’re making, sir. >> today we’re going to do a baby l amb that’s beenat encrusted in ginger snapgena cookies. a swe et potato and chorizo hash. nice winter dish, verydi comfor ting, give ycoouti a nice comforting feel when you eat it. it’s going to be great. >> give me alivl of the ingredients th at we’ve got here. what have we got in the pan? >> in the pan, we’ve sauteed someso onions, garlic, sweet potatoes in there, we’re going g to add our chorizo in a minute, here we’ve got g our baby lamb working, it’s been marinadingg alread y, a littlale bit of salt, pepper, got a little onion thatni i put in t



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