Ginger-Orange Glaze Chicken Wings

T from Q4U makes Ginger-Orange Glaze Chicken Wings
. >> welcome back to “good things utah”. before we talk about the ginger orange glaze chicken wings that tee is here to make in the kitchen from two for you, i have to show you the brownie plate. this is all that’s left of the brownies that — and there went that one. >> it got hit. >> it rolled off of there. it wanted to go in somebody’s mouth. these are those cheesecake brownies that we talked about on the daily dish web site. i don’t know if you made a lot of people happy. >> big time happy. >> reagan, this one is for you. >> thank you. love it. >> now we have another pan in the oven. >> she can be strong and have at least t whole thing. . >> tee, now we need our protein. >> we will simulate that we have cooked these chicken wings outside on our grill. and then one of the things that we do is you bring them to how you want to do it. and you’ve done this. that’s always by, you want to



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