Ginger Lemon Tart

alpha delights makes a ginger lemon tart
holiday season. take a look. >> i know that you love lons. i’ve got a really simple lemon recipe for you that’s a very nice treat that you can make seral days in advance. let’s get going. the starting point is ginger snaps. i just bought these in the grocery store. we make our own to work with, but you could use the ones from the grocery store. that’s step one. take these and put them in a food processer. and pulverize them. after you’ve done that, you’ll end up with really something like this. now, this is the ginger snaps that have been run through the food processer and i’ve added just a little bit of but sore that there is moisture in there. we’re ready to go. if you have a tart pan with flukes, that’s great. if you don’t, not a problem. we’re going to pour that into the shell. not a very complicated thing at all. and the one little trick i’m going to show you that really applies to



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