Ginger Beef

Ginger Beef with Chef Bob
and to our facebook fan page. >> thank you, tim the intern. you filled out the big one today. >> a little cleaver action. >> where will we start? ” there are a lot of things going on. we cannot talk about the greens. we’re doing ginger beef. it is a quick dish. the prep usually takes more time. we break this down. we talk about the ginger beef. we’re using petite sirloins. >> i am not sure what that is called. >> is off the tip of the beef, the sirloin, the bottom round of the beef. this is our premium angus beef. you could do it as a stake. eak. we sliced in the it thin . a littlehararrot. wheat add some of sesame oil and make kind of a sauce — we add some sesame oil and make kind of a sauce. we talk about puli ginger. it can be difficult. — we talk about peeling ginger. you can scrape the skin of. >> gets equipped it comes off real clean. it is easier to deal with. >> pretty good fro



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