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Friday’s Good Day Cafe
we are tracking heavy showers. >> it is time for today’s good day cafe. we ask the question, are you good enough? linda from whitestone, queens must be a >>. thank you for watching good day new york. you have an 18 year-old son? yes. i work for medical practice management company. >> you have put all this together. what is this >>? this is a quick and easy salmon, made in a lemon wine sauce. season the salmon with salt and pepper. this is a wild salmon. it gets to swim free, instead of being on a fish farm. add it to a pan that has melted butter and oil in its skin side up. let it cook for only a few minutes, maybe like three minutes. > three minutes per side is more than enough. > this is a nice crust we get after three minutes. i add lemon juice. half lemon juice and of little white wine. >> and drink a little wine while you are cooking. > you can put the capers and. — capers in. > i



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